Meet Veggie Clock

Image of a finger tapping a phone running Veggie Clock

Cute, Fun, Healthy
Veggie Clock is more than a clock.  It’s a wholesome, positive app that makes veggies fun.

Smile IconFun for the whole family
Playing with the veggies brings everyone a smile. You tap & drag the veggies. They spin, wiggle, grunt and giggle.

Toothless Smile IconKids can set the timer & alarm
They won’t need to ask “How much time do I have left?” Even pre-readers understand the visual timer’s “pie wedge.”

Award Ribbon IconHelps kids grow. Gives you a break
Kids learn Responsibility as they monitor their own tasks and even set a morning alarm.

Stopwatch IconKeeps you on track
You can count on Veggie Clock’s simple timer and alarm – they ring whether the app’s running or not.

Carrot IconSupports healthy choices / better eating
Veggie Clock keeps vegetables on your mind, encouraging a healthy lifestyle. And it makes some kids (the author’s at least) want more veggies.

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Available now on Google Play, Amazon Appstore, NOOK Apps.

Coming for iPad this summer –
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WhitneyApps is Steve & Eleanor Whitney’s indie app business. With 20+ years of programming experience and three kids (a.k.a. “the lab” ;-), we can make some nice apps! Find us at, Facebook, or Twitter. We hope you love Veggie Clock as much as we do.

Feature List

List IconVeggie Clock Features:

Made with real HD veggie photos (15 kinds)

Animated – Watch the veggies form the time

Interactive – Tap, drag, drop veggies – with optional sound effects

Simple alarm with 6 fresh sounds

Visual timer for tasks, naps, kids, cooking…

Giant timer option for when you (or children!) need to see it across the room

Alarms and timers ring even if the app isn’t running

Cool green night mode for bedside use

Live wallpaper on devices that support it

Fun Halloween and Christmas screens (can be disabled)

Works on phones and tablets (including Samsung Galaxy, Kindle Fire/Fire HD/Fire HDX and NOOK Color/Tablet/HD/HD+)

Multi Media Bar

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Veggie Clock Video

Learn about Veggie Clock in this short video

Veggie Clock’s Main Screen

Here’s one version of Veggie Clock’s main screen, but it’s different every time!

The Visual Timer

Veggie Clock’s visual timer is great for kids and also visual thinkers!

Alarm Ringing

When the alarm rings, the veggies dance!

Giant Timer

Want to see the timer from across the room?

Night Mode

Night mode? Or night vision mode?